Leading complex projects

Do you as a project manager, or coordinator, dream about creating a shared understanding and results in complex projects across the organisation together with members with very different professions and experiences?

Would you like to get insight in your own communication and use methods that helps you communicate and engage participants in a meaningful way and thereby make your project a success? 

IWF can help you in two ways: One possibility is workshops for the project group  and another possibility is an intern course for project managers and coordinators.

Workshops for projects. IWF offer workshops and follow ups for project groups which for various reasons are stuck and need fresh, new eyes from outside. We have fine evaluations on boosting project groups and bringing them back on track. In the process, it is essential that the participants learn to appreciate and create “realities” and actions together centered around shared goals, instead of, as it often is, producing “realities” that fight one another.

Intern course for project managers and coordinators. Organizations can also via intern courses achieve beneficial cooperative efficiency in large, complex projects with many stakeholders that both individually, professionally, and culturally have diverse backgrounds.

IWF offers two-days courses with follow-ups for project managers and coordinators. Participants become aware of their own communication and learn to communicate in such a way that they can coordinate and create meaningful action possibilities for the projects team members with their respectively diverse backgrounds and pre-understandings.

Most importantly it is to achieve the competences as gameplayer, gamemaster and gamechanger. The participants will receive training in the ability to be both in the project and above the project simultaneously, i.e. both being a participant and then shifting the perspective, by going up with the helicopter, see, and change inexpedient communication into a new, different, and positive direction.