Team development

Do you know what holds back and what feeds your ability to top perform in your team? How well do you collaborate across the organization? Do you talk about what the customers say about you?


Teamwork and collaborations between teams has become the DNA of modern organizations. Therefore it has also become a “must” to have a continuing process for making the teams work better today than yesterday. “How do you constantly recreate a top-performing team, which add value to the organization and the customers”, could be the question,

It calls for a proactive pause for examinations. The goal is resilient and top-performing teams which can reach ambitious goals through unity and happiness in the work. By giving the space to see and appreciate own, and others contributions, anchor what works well and address what does not, we can strengthen a shared belief, ability, and ambition to set new goals.


Through dramaturgical means we can create a fitting and creative disturbance that gives the team the opportunity to see itself from the outside, with the eyes of the customer or from the perspective of other stakeholders. Expect to be shaken a bit compared to usual ways of reflecting. We put both body and brain at work simultaneously.

Good and less good habits become visible and together we will strengthen the communication, the engagement and the curiosity across the organization and outwards to the customers. Visible results from the workshop will be brought back to the workspace in the form of photo documentation.


First, we make a 3 D scanning of the teams NOW. Through physical and visual exercises on the floor the habitual thinking will be challenged. We work with both body and brain and hereby seeds to new paths in the brain will be planted. The participants will be asked to “stage” the daily work situations which they individually, and as a team, experience hold back or push forward the good and well-functioning high performance team. The situations and the essence will be maintained in a photo series, the photos will be examined together, so the “unsaid” gets a voice and a “situation report” will be created in a creative flow.

Next step is a “time travel” into the future where the team have succeeded in reaching their goals. By examining the situation in depth, out there in the future, it becomes a physical anchor. Back in the here and now the anchor helps in towing. We ask a lot of questions via scenarios, from inside the professional field and out. The we shift and ask from the perspective outside in – e.g. from the point of view of the customers. The future images will be saved in mind maps, drawings, and photos, to be used as a reminder, and fuel, to fulfill the commitments the participants has made to one another.

Two half days follow up workshop are recommended to anchor the new knowledge and make the new paths stay visible.