Change communication

Would you, with the help of  simple methods, like to be fully equiped in terms of communication when standing in front of, or in the middle of, a change process? 

Would you like your employees to get an board from the start and yourself to be able to adjust your communication in such a way that you provide high motivation and avoid a lot of troubles and complains? 

Then read below about our assistance  within leading change and change communication:

  •  Assistance  with creating your change story.Content, dramaturgy, main messages and slogans.Central and decentral communikation.
  • Counselling of leaders or the management group – top management, or a group of middle managers
  • Café or workshop about successful change communication 
  • Development of a core change story that capture the organizations need and at the same time creates followship
  • Design, visualize and facilitate a change process in an organization or parts of the organization through management group meetings, coaching, cafees, workshops in departments and teams. This should be linked to the central organisational communication.
  • Course for middle managers in preparing the change communication, before, under and after the change (finding the inspiring core story of the change, communication, process and phases, resistance, and processing, running feedback, variations towards departments and employees etc.)
  • Report on change communication (qualitative research and recommendations)

Why choose IWF?

In IWF we have achieved expertise in change communication through many consultant jobs, research for writing of books and articles, and teaching. We can help you before, during, and after a change process. As consultants, we can help inspire you and see from the outside, what you might not be able to see yourself.tate in most organizations. For this reason, it is striking that most changes still do not happen as successfully as planned.

Even smaller changes like a new strategy or implementation of new IT can be experienced as a major change for some employees. Therefore it needs carefully considerations and communication.

Our experience tells us, that it is not possible to complete a change, that is thought as a streamline process. A part of the nature of change is, that it will constantly change, as the change itself is happening. As a leader one must be in and above the change at the same time. It is important to develop a strong core story about the change that strikes something meaningful in the employees.

At the same time the leader must listen to his or her employees in order to meet the needs in communcation spot on. This will minimize ‘chaos’ and insecurity.