Coaching team-dialogues

Do you get to talk about what is really at stake in your team?

IWF can offer you a fresh set of eyes and the appropriately provocative questions that will help you discover the challenges and the issues that you need to discuss in your team to create renewed energy and motivation. We find it most important, and we also facilitate, that all voices in the team will be heard, we help establish new and shared mindsets, and create a meaningful communication where you “meet” each other and together reach the results that your customers dream of.

The amount of work-related questions and challenges which can be important to discuss in a team is big; vision and goals, frames, work–models, motivation, span of responsibility and decision making, dilemmas, communication and roles towards one another, profession- related questions, handling of conflicts, problematic team stories, stress, undergoing changes, the culture and the ‘spirit’ in the team, performance specifications, well-being, the ability to take care of oneself, etc.

The importance is that your springboard for the dialogue is what is at stake in the challenges and issues that currently occupy you, which the team needs to talk through to reach an uplifting clarification. From here you can discuss how you in the future can succeed even better in your work.

We can help you via counselling, via coaching team-dialogues or processes around burning challenges or via workshops using different kinds of outside witnessing, reflections, dramaturgical methods, or dilemma games/roleplays. We begin the process with a pre-meeting where we together with you discover precisely those challenges and issues that you experience are necessary to address