Team and types

Do you know each other well enough in the team? Well enough to understand why you sometimes miscommunicate and miss the good completion of a task? If you need a team ‘waw’ experience that can bring you futher , typology can be an eyeopener.

Why and what

Experience shows that communication plays a major role in getting a team to collaborate and achieve ambitious goals.AT IWF we have many years of expereince in developing teams. T the profile tool Jungian Type Index ( JTI) can be a  good opening.

JTI is internationally recognized for its ability to make individual similarities and differences visible, and make them work as an advantage for collaboration and good results. The profile shows your own and others preferences and in a team workshop you can get a series of “waw” moments when recognizing one another in the type description. The mutual understanding works as an injection of vitamins for a team as pitfalls and possibilities for improved collaboration becomes obvious.


The JTI profile shows from where team members get their energy from, how they approach a problem, and how structured they handle the process from given task to completed result. JTI profiles offers a liberating language for teams to handle  differences and address potential conflicts out of the notion that all profiles have the same value and bring something positive to the collaboration, especially when they are adjusted to the situation at hand.

When you get to know the profile of the people you communicate with, it gets so much easier to understand and be understood.