Career counselling

Need a qualified view on your use of your competences and fulfilment of your dreams for your career? Are you clarified on what career path you so far have followed and in the future wish to follow? Are you aiming to step up the leadership ladder, go deeper and deeper in to the role of an expert, or would you perhaps prefer to enhance your professional skills through new projects and areas?


Clarification of career wishes and possible carrier paths to follow in the current organization is important for the individual employee and for his or her leader. But at an organizational level there is also a strong need to know career wishes from leaders and key- employees, to be able to retain the talented workforce. In our leader courses, we often hear, that a lack of interest and dialogue about career possibilities from the organizations side is a reason for leaving the organization.


In IWF we can facilitate an examination of in what roles, and how, the individuals get the most energy and work happiness. If this is followed up by a dialogue, we can then pinpoint the motives behind and sum it up to suitable career paths. This can be a perfect preparation for a dialogue with the current work organization, but also be most helpful in a process of seeking new challenges.


Decision Dynamics Carrere model ™ is the test we use in IWF as a starting point. When the picture of the career wishes is clear, the necessary stepping stones is easier to find for the individual and the organization.

In connection with many of our leader courses and coaching processes we have added career counselling, and we have as well assisted the state administration in mapping the employees career wishes with the existing career paths and possibilities in the ministry and the administration.